I believe that starting an agency is a lot like setting sail. Sailing has been around for the last 10,000 years and has had to adapt like hell in order to survive. The elements on the high seas are volatile. Decisions have to be made and changed again in fractions of seconds.  You have to be adaptive. The captain must have an inner compass for the right kind of orders to be given and to delegate decisions to the guys in the bow who can’t hear them in the noise of the wind and the waves. Sails tear, masts brake, repairs have to be made with terrific speed while the boat is moving and the waves don’t stop either.  Captains and crews who do things by the book will be washed away. Great captains are bored when the sea is calm. The captain is in his element when things get volatile. In the end, they always do and always will. Today’s volatile business environment has existed all through civilization. Heroes thrive on it. 

Farmers know about volatility of the elements too.  So do mountain climbers. That’s because it’s in nature’s and life’s character. When things get staid and lose their volatility, the bad sides of human character get the upper hand:  Greed and laziness.


~via Scott Goodson

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