“When your work is entirely online, the social isolation can even intensify further. One reason I cherish my time in Ptown every summer is that it forces me to have much more physical and personal interaction. Walking down Commercial Street is impossible without bumping into friends, new and old, all the time. And they tend to be on vacation so are more prone to stopping and chatting. It re-humanizes me after so much typing alone onto a screen. The rest of the year, I engage with far more people virtually than I do physically. And that can rob life of its essence. If you’re not careful you begin to live online.”

In light of research on what the web has replaced, Andrew Sullivan reflects on the slippery slope of working and living online, emphasizing the effort it takes to keep ourselves from slipping — something among my own greatest learnings in seven years of living online

Lest we forget, as Annie Dillard so beautifully and memorably put it, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

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