Unlock the Potential of Others

Leaders cannot do it alone. My God that couldn’t be more true. The single greatest skill I’ve picked up this year is that of effective delegation. Effective delegation takes some understanding of a few things:

1.) Who is hungry for responsibility
2.) What makes them tick
3.) Relevant skills to leverage
4.) Setting realistic (read: REALISTIC and not LOW) expectations for quality and speed
5.) Trust

Simply put, you need to understand your people. You need to know how much bandwidth they have at a given time to accomplish something, whether they have either a.) the desire to complete a project in a given area, b.) the relevant skills necessary or most ideally c.) all three.

Once you decide who can and would want to take a project on, set realistic but high expectations. Be very up front about the date a deliverable is due and the quality expected. Breed an expectation of excellence, but give a fair amount of time and most importantly TRUST the individual to get it done. Do not micromanage. This will keep your team engaged and feeling fulfilled.

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